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28 Apr

How To Stay Healthy and Active During Ramadan?

By Suzana K.

Ramadan is the Holy month of fasting, spiritual reflection, and prayer for Muslims. The 30 days of fasting during Ramadan means consuming restrictions from food and drink from sunrise to sunset.
Working with my clients during the Ramadan and living in a Muslim country for 5 years now, gave me the experience to be able to answer your most common question.
Disclaimer: I am not a Muslim religion and I don’t have a fasting experience. I am just sharing my experience as a Personal Trainer working with ladies who are fasting during Ramadan.

Changing your routine, it shocks your body in many ways. And it’s completely normal if you need the first few days of fasting to adapt your nerve system and your metabolism to the new regime.
However, during Ramadan, you can still have a proper diet and workout routine. I am sharing with you the 5 must-do during this Holy month, to still keep your healthy and active routine


I heard a lot that is a short time to have enough water intake after breaking fasting. And I know that it seems impossible but you have enough time to get at least 2l of water during that time. Drinking enough water will keep you from getting dehydrated and it’s a key to keep you away from sugar cravings.
Try to avoid caffeinated drinks and substitute them with herbal teas. Which they will be really helpful for your digestion.


Staying active during Ramadan is still important for you. Try to not make fasting as an excuse for being active. You should try to keep your activity level as before Ramadan. There is no right or wrong time for the workout during Ramadan. Experience with my clients showed me that we are all different and the time is really individual choice. You know the best how you feel and what is the right time for you to workout.
If you workout before Iftar you will definitely burn more on empty stomach. Try to avoid HIIT workouts or long cardio workouts. Choose strength workout, adjust the weight that suits you at the moment, and take as many breaks as you need during the workout.
If you workout after Iftar, wait at least 30-45 minutes to digest food. Adapt the workout to your needs. Or take a long walk if you don’t feel doing any other activity.


During Ramadan after long hours of fasting is really important to not overwhelm your digestive system. Try to have a balanced meal rich with carbs, protein, and fat. Control your portions. Eat food that is fluid rich (such as salads, soups, laban, fruit)
Avoid proceed sugar. You can always have a little dessert (we all know how good Ramadan desserts are 😉 ) but make sure to have that dessert before or right after the workout, so your body doesn’t store it as fat. Substitute dessert with fresh fruits. This will help you to stay on track and not crave even more sweets.


As we know sleeping schedule changes during Ramadan, but try as much as you can to have enough sleep during the night. Sleeping will recharge and reenergize your body. With enough sleep you will be able to go to work the next day, to play, and interact with your family members. You will feel more energized and lethargic.



Have a blessed Ramadan!

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